Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Pro and Windows Home Server


I am operating a small business, well two in fact, from my dinning room at home, we use a Windows home server (WHS) ( Tranquil PC ) and have five users with laptops all with the WHS connector software installed

I have installed Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Pro (MOA2008) on the WHS by logging into the remote desktop.

I have set the various Multi user access permissions on the WHS installation of MOA2008 and saved the company files (.sbc) on a shared folder for all the users to access.

For each laptop I have installed the client and all works well, the users open the respective company file in the shared folder and have appropriate access to the data.

I have also a WHS set up at home and my connector software is associated with my home installation, I have this weekend installed the Release candidate of Win 7 on my laptop taking advantage of the long bank holiday weekend (here in the UK) to consolidate all my backups and old files on my new clean installation. (Whilst at the same time I have changed my login user name)

I created a corresponding user on the WHS and set the necessary permissions, also mounting network drives with the appropriate user names and passwords etc. I can open and save all my files on the network without problem.

However having installed MOA2008 I can no longer access any of the company files.

After wasting a lot of time looking into various issues around SQL and permissions, the solution was quite simple.

I uninstalled the version of the WHS connector software associated with my home network and then installed the connector software from the WHS work server. I can now access all the company data.

Better still, I have now un-installed the connector software associated with the company WHS server and re-installed the connector software from my home server and I can still access all the company files with MOA2008 on the company server.

I guess the connector software must set up additional security setting that aren’t exposed any ware within the WHS configuration




One Response to “Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Pro and Windows Home Server”

  1. Martyn Greville-Giddings Says:

    Sounds like your home server hadn’t been updated yet from the Windows Update site. Also once you’d installed the client software from work instead of removing the client software you can go to the Windows Home Server connector folder in Program Files and use discover.exe to select the server you want to connect to.

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