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Fixed: Can’t open faxes in Outlook 2007

June 16, 2007

This week, I had a problem on “my” laptop only, were I could not open FAX.TIF attachments received and forwarded to me by SBS2003, to add to the confusion I also receive faxes from a fax to email service from my ISP, these also arrive as .tif attachments, I could however open these external attachments.

I remember having this problem in outlook 2003 from time to time, and after a bit of googling I found the answer. (more…)


SBS2003 SP2 Offline Printers – Fixed

June 2, 2007

 This one had me for a while, one printer on the network would go off line for no apparent reason (Dell 1815), no mater what I tried to do with the print spooler service or the printer drivers. On two previous occasions I rebooted the server and the problem went away, far from Ideal but I have a day job to do and I couldn’t afford to spend much more time searching for a fix, That is until this last week, the printer is offline again and rebooting didn’t do anything.