SBS2003 SP2 Offline Printers – Fixed

June 2, 2007

 This one had me for a while, one printer on the network would go off line for no apparent reason (Dell 1815), no mater what I tried to do with the print spooler service or the printer drivers. On two previous occasions I rebooted the server and the problem went away, far from Ideal but I have a day job to do and I couldn’t afford to spend much more time searching for a fix, That is until this last week, the printer is offline again and rebooting didn’t do anything.

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Office Space

June 2, 2007

This is such a funny film, not to everybodys taste, but if you have ever worked in an office, you are bound to recognise some of the characters.

This is a short clip (06:56) following one of the characters, but you really must watch the whole film.

Wikipedia has lots more background here

You may be able to get this on rental, but if not, its available on Amazon in the UK here